Meet John Anderson

Our Family

Family is important to me and we are fortunate to be able to spend many special occasions, vacations, and dinners with our boys, their families and extended families, Lisa’s parents and her sister and family.

Lisa and I were married in Kauai, Hawaii by a wonderful friend who is an Ordained Minister.  I’m pretty sure I am the only one they have ever seen get married on the beach in his boots and spurs; but it makes for a good story!

Our three sons are grown and have homes of their own; so as empty nesters we have our horses, cattle, burros, barn cats and three great dogs: Ko-D our Blue Healer, Penny our Springer Spaniel, and Ranger our Carolina Dog.  You may see Ranger with me or walking with us in parades or at events.  He loves meeting people and animals alike.  

Ranger’s Story

Ranger’s story is of inspiration.  Always have hope.  Never give up.  Never give in. 

He became very special to us after our son adopted him from a puppy rescue.  We soon learned he was exposed to distemper and were told to put him down or give him medicine to keep him comfortable until he was predicted to die within a week.  He was extremely ill and had uncontrollable spasms from nerve damage.  Survival of distemper is less than 10%; but we chose to take him home and try every treatment known thanks to my sister-in-law’s connections to veterinarians all over the world.  We would carry him out to relieve himself and hand feed him as he couldn’t stand or walk for months.  With lots of love and care, he is now three years old and a very happy and healthy member of our family.

Personal Commitment to Our Community, Our Veterans, and Our Youth

As I have mentioned, Douglas County has been my home for over 65 years.   I love our County and those who live here and elsewhere.  I grew up on a cattle ranch and part of that wonderful culture was that I learned to be an auctioneer from all the cattle auctions I attended with my grandfather.  That said, I transferred that expertise into helping others, donating my time and services.

  • Toys for Tots – auctioneer working with civilians and United States Marine Corps for children in need
  • Wounded Warrior – auctioneer helping disabled Veterans
  • Friends of the NRA – auctioneer
  • Larkspur Elementary, Douglas County High School Huskies baseball and football – auctioneer for materials, fieldtrips, and sports
  • Messenger Cup – auctioneer raising $341,000 to distribute bibles to countries in need of Christian faith around the world and end human sex trafficking
  • Rock Church School – auctioneer with Duck Dynasty – it was an honor to stand on stage with Willie Robertson and Si Robertson for Christian values and raise tens of thousands in front of a crowd of over 2,000.
  • Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce – auctioneer

Donating Service on various Boards to offer Leadership to Our Children and Our Community

  • Recently appointed to the Board of Directors for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) benefiting our Military families
  • Douglas County Fair and Rodeo Fair Board and Rodeo Committee
  • CALF / Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation
  • National Western Stock Show (NWSS) Catch a Calf Committee Board
  • Sponsored various rodeo events and youth sports teams
  • Douglas County Mounted Patrol, Search and Rescue
  • Assisted evacuating livestock from the Black Forest fire with Mounted Patrol and Search and Rescue
  • Round Up Riders of the Rockies – member
  • National Western Silver Spur Club – member
  • Creator and Director of Castle Rock’s Annual Long Horn Cattle Drive

Personal Life Outside Law Enforcement

  • Private Businessman and Entrepreneur – 45 years ago, I used my experience from ranch work to start a fencing business. Over time it grew into a busy side business where I was hired by Douglas County Open Space, businesses and private property owners to construct fences. I have since turned it over to one of our sons.
  • I’ve bought, managed, and sold commercial properties, managed my grandparents’ businesses and was the Executor of their estate.
  • Lifelong Cattleman – I started as a teenager to build a small cattle herd. Over the course of nearly 50 years, I now own, operate, manage perhaps the largest cattle operation in Douglas County.
  • My passion has always been great horses. For many years I broke young (energy filled) colts and turned them into quality ranch horses.