John on the Issues

We must take Douglas County to a new level & rise above the status quo. 

    • *  Patrol staffing remains at 2006 levels with over 100,000 new residents – Unacceptable – we must address critical issues

      *  Training is not sufficient and puts our deputies & community at risk. 

    • * Your taxpayer dollars must be used more efficiently to focus on public safety.

    • *  Government Overreach and Attacks on our Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment, and on law enforcement will not be tolerated. 

       I will be that fresh set of eyes to bring positive changes to the Sheriff’s Office.


  2. I will do a deep dive evaluation of the budget, taxes, processes, and allocation of resources.

    • Look at innovative solutions to address growing issues in our County to rise above the Status Quo and keep up with the times.

    • End Misuse of our tax payer dollars

    • Reallocate existing resources to get more boots on the ground to address growing issues in our County – School Safety, Homelessness, Rising Crime Rates, Human Trafficking, Senior Safety, etc.

    • Ask voters to reallocate some of the Justice Center Tax away from brick and mortar to personnel and sufficient training.

    • Mental Health is a growing issue and is a duty of the state.  I will look at re-purposing the $30M Medical Jail facility that goes mostly unused to address mental health and look into cost sharing to save taxpayers the $1M operational costs.



True Community Policing

We can all agree we want our Sheriff’s Office focused on issues that threaten the safety of our kids, schools, seniors, and families.  We are seeing an increase in mental health issues, property crimes, violent crime, and homelessness.

There are several aspects to true Community Policing, that when implemented properly, focus directly on these issues we are facing.  We must focus on the intent of the Sheriff’s Office to serve and protect the people. 

I vow to work hand-in-hand with the community, School Board, schools, Commissioners, District Attorney, law enforcement and mental health partners, neighborhood groups, etc. 

We all want to live in a free and safe community.


Do you realize that the number of deputies on patrol (the boots on the ground) at any given time was about 11-12 per shift over 15 years ago?  Would you be surprised to learn with all the growth we have had over that 15 years that it remains at 11-12 per shift? 

Does this feel like you and your families have been the priority?

So how do we pay for this enhanced customer service?

We must start by taking a deep dive into current budgets and take it back to you, the taxpayers, to decide if you want your tax money spent on brick and mortar – or divert current taxes to more Boots on the ground.  Enable Deputies to focus on our most challenging issues – security and safety of our kids, families, seniors and growing issues with homelessness encampments.

We must give our dedicated deputies the tools and resources to take ownership and be able to provide True Community Policing.


I would create community “islands” in Highlands Ranch, Sterling Ranch, Sedalia, Larkspur, Franktown – in all unincorporated areas in Douglas County – to provide customized and accessible services with your own dedicated deputies, that meet with your own safety boards and citizens. Each individual community will have direct representation.

Deputies are permanently assigned to your area. They get to know you, your kids and your community; and in turn, you get to know them. You have your own contacts that meet with you and your safety board to address your unique concerns. 

Instead of responding to your calls – from who knows where in the County – your deputies are there to respond quickly.

Customized Service = Customer Service = True Community Policing

We work FOR you and WITH you!


I will create the Custody Transport Vehicle program which will be extended to the Municipalities as well.

When an arrest is made, sheriff deputies and police officers are taken out of service 2-5 hours to transport, process, and book in prisoners. This takes them out of your community and leaves you without protection and vulnerable. This Jail Car would respond and take it from there; leaving law enforcement where it belongs – to focus on your community.


I will, when possible, assign patrol cars to remain in your community with your Deputy.

Instead of building more parking structures to house vehicles, burning fuel and time commuting back and forth to brick and mortar, that time will be spent in your community protecting your family and property.

This serves as a deterrent, saves fuel, provides more time protecting your community, as well as enables those vehicles and deputies ready to respond quickly for service.



My second initiative is training. Training is key.

Insufficient training leads to injury and, tragically, sometimes loss of life. Currently, deputies receive the bare minimum of about 55 hours of training per year. Command staff separates and exempts themselves from much of that and receives less than half of that. In Castle Rock, officers including Command Staff and even the Chief, trained side by side with our women and men for 135 hours per year.

We must support the brave men and women out on the streets and behind the scenes protecting our communities, and give them the tools and resources they need.  

Retaining and attracting the best and brightest is what our citizens expect and deserve.

Training not only helps prevent injury and death, it keeps current on new techniques, laws, technology and brings forth new ideas and initiatives.

We must constantly reevaluate and adjust to changing needs and concerns in our community to be effective.

Prevention by being Proactive.  Predictable is preventable.

Our Constitution

My third initiative is my undying dedication to our Constitution.

I raised my hand 43 years ago to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

I will create a Constitutional Advisory Board that will review all policies and legislation for Constitutionality.  What will we change, what will we fight for, what legislation will we help with and testify for or against.

I will create a Boomerang Program to research and identify judges that do not have our community safety and Constitution at the forefront.  Judges that are soft on criminals that come into our County to do us harm only to be let right back out again to commit more crimes against our citizens.  When you go to vote for these Judges at the next election, you will have a resource to review their record.  Our law enforcement officers and District Attorney work hard to protect us and we cannot support judges that do not follow through to support their efforts to keep Douglas County safe and send a message to criminals.

Our last line of defense in Douglas County is the Sheriff who will be there if government attempts to take away your Constitutional rights.  We have seen what happened in other countries and sadly in cities in the United States when law enforcement is used by the government to enforce unconstitutional mandates. Sadly, this even happened in our own County.  That will never occur if I am your Sheriff.

Who do you trust will stand up against tyranny?  Someone who has done it, or someone that says they will when it is more convenient?  Who will they be in fear of next time – the Governor or are they afraid of being recalled or not re-elected?  What is the next excuse for looking out for themselves and not protecting your rights?

I was the only law enforcement, and now candidate, from Douglas County testifying to support our 2nd Amendment at the Capitol alongside Weld County Sheriff Reams in opposition of the current Sheriff Administration.

I also was the only candidate that personally stood shoulder to shoulder with parents fighting for their 1st Amendment rights and the only candidate that stood with our KidsFirst candidates from Day 1, publicly speaking for them and walking neighborhoods.

Our Bill of Rights was designed to protect us from government overreach, and I will stand just as strong and firm for each one of them.  Freedom of speech and religion, medical freedoms, protection against unlawful search and seizure, guarantee of due process, state’s rights, etc.  Each one of them have been attacked in some way over the past several years.

We need leaders that are willing to sacrifice to stand when it is not an easy battle and are willing to fight for all of our rights not just certain ones.  It is easy to say you will fight, but if you haven’t demonstrated it, then it is just words.  

We must have strong leaders that will shoulder up with other strong leaders in our County, State, and Nation.  Stand for all of our rights.  When one can be taken, we are in danger of losing them all.  I will continue to fight for our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

I will not bend. I will not yield. I will not waiver from that path to protect your rights as Citizens.

No boss, no Governor, no socialist agenda will take away my focus to fight for and protect our Constitution.

When I am your next Sheriff we will be laser focused on your communities, your family, your kids, your homes and property, and your rights as citizens.