Command Experience Matters

I am a 40 year law enforcement professional – 30 years of that in Command – which is longer than other’s entire careers. 

Many of the programs you see today in Douglas County are programs I created, piloted, or was on the founding boards of, worked in, and then commanded including the 1st Critical Response Team for adults and children facing a mental crisis, the 18th Judicial Critical Incident Team, Victims Assistance, the 1st Accredited agency in the County, and the 1st SWAT Team in the County.

I was on call 24/7/365 for 30 years of my career for the ENTIRE department, not just one division, in addition to Commander of the SWAT Team.

I am a life-long resident and have been a registered Republican since age 18. I am a devout Constitutionalist and Conservative and have dedicated my life to serving and protecting Our County.

I am one of three candidates POST certified which is required to serve as Sheriff.  If POST is expired, the candidate must start over to obtain POST certification.

I am one of two candidates currently in law enforcement.  I serve as a Reserve for Weld County Sheriff’s Office after I underwent an extensive background check, psychological exam, physical, and qualified in shooting, arrest control, driving, plus an additional 50 hours of written tests. 


I’ve witnessed Douglas County grow from an entire county population of 25,000 people to nearly 400,000.  I have kept up with changing needs leading with innovative solutions.  Like a parent witnessing their child grow, I take pride in what Douglas County has become.

I would be honored to serve as your Sheriff.

Ret. Commander John Anderson

I will take Douglas County to a new level and rise above the status quo.

  1. Patrol deputies “boots on the ground” remain at 2006 levels-11-12 per shift. 
  2. Training is not sufficient and puts our deputies & community at risk. 
  3. Tax dollars are not being used efficiently to focus on public safety.
  4. Attacks on our Bill of Rights and on law enforcement cannot be tolerated. 

 I’ll be that fresh set of eyes to bring positive changes to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Retired Commander – April 14, 1978 – May 17, 2018

 Commanded and Served in every Division

  • Budget, Policies and Procedures, Training, Hiring Board, Internal Investigations, Grants, Court Proceedings
  • Patrol, SWAT Commander, Undercover South Metro Drug Task Force
  • Investigations, Dispatch, Prisoner Extraditions, Evidence
  • Victims Assistance, Special Operations, K-9 Unit, Bicycle Unit, Motorcycle Unit
  • School Resource Officers, Community Safety Volunteers, Community Policing, Police Explorer Program, Neighborhood Watch
  • Liaison to Regional and Multi-jurisdictional boards
  • Served as Patrolman, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and 2nd in command as Captain, Commander, and Acting Chief total of 4 years, on hiring board for new Police Chief (declined consideration to run for Sheriff)

Training Highlights

  • Graduate Camp George West, Police Academy, 1979
  • Graduate Northwestern University of Police Staff and Command

  • Graduate 27th Executive Leadership Institute – FBI-LEEDA

  • Graduate Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR)

  • Graduate Leadership Douglas County (LDC)

  • Sniper training with German Police Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG9) Sniper Team

  • Joint training with Secret Service

Programs created and implemented

  • Victims Assistance – Women’s rights and protection
  • First SWAT team in Douglas County (known as ERT)
  • School Resource Officer Program (SRO’s)
  • Community Policing philosophy for citizen safety
  • Downtown Officer 1990’s– first in Community Policing
  • Neighborhood Watch program
  • K-9 Unit
  • Bicycle program
  • Motorcycle program
  • Police Explorer Cadet Program
  • Designer and Project Manager for the Police facility
  • Castle Rock Police Dispatch Center
  • Project Manager for New World Dispatch software
  • Mobile laptops in Police vehicles
  • Weekly Radio Show “Captains Log” – to inform, share law enforcement stories, and answer questions

Partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement

  • Colorado State Accreditation – 1st Agency in Douglas County (Attended United States Supreme Court in 1999 for the Gonzales Case – Our policies stood and we prevailed)
  • 18th Judicial Critical Incident Shoot Team – Founding board
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations Unit
  • Sex Trafficking Prevention Board
  • Critical Incident Mental Health team
  • DARE drug prevention program in schools
  • LEAF grants to fund enforcement of DUI laws
  • South Metro Drug Task Force

Awards & Recognition

  • Nationally Nominated – 1 of 11 U.S. Law Enforcement Officers to represent the United States at the Austrian Policeman’s Ball in Vienna, Austria after an extensive FBI background check in order to meet with the U.S. Ambassador, European heads of state and military leaders. Lisa and I were honored to represent the U.S.A. and were selected to lead the procession of 150 teams into the Ball at the world renowned Rathaus Castle, Vienna, Austria.  It was the first time in the history the U.S. was invited.
  • Recognized by the Town of Castle Rock for 25 years of professionally serving Castle Rock
  • Proclamation from the Town Council and Mayor Randy Reed for outstanding achievements and 30 years of service
  • Presented with a flag flown aboard a C-130 aircraft on a combat mission over Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom for my support in the war against terrorism from the USAF
  • Recognized as Citizen of the Year
  • Recognized by the Douglas Masonic Lodge #153 for Faithful and Dedicated Service to the Town of Castle Rock
  • Presented with a plaque of recognition from District Attorney George Brauchler for 40 years of service and accomplishments
  • Presented with a flag flown over the Capitol on my retirement from the Colorado House of Representatives and Minority Leader Representative Patrick Neville
  • Proclamation for 40 years of service and accomplishments by the Town Council
  • Honored with a special ceremony for my final sign-off for retirement covered by news stations

Personal Commitment to Our Constitution and Our Party

President RONALD REAGAN’S 11th Commandment reads:  

“Thou Shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican..”

I personally believe this.  Disagree on policy, procedures, experience, etc.; but disparaging and slandering of fellow republicans for political gain harms all of us and weakens our party.  Douglas County is not in a position anymore to play this dangerous game.

Let the citizens decide:

Who has the leadership and experience to lead Douglas County with higher standards, innovation, and to change with increasing demands?

Who has demonstrated courage to fight for fairness and your freedoms?

Who will be steadfast as our last line of defense?

  • Attacks on our Bill of Rights
  • Disrespect and defunding of Law Enforcement
  • Unconstitutional Mandates

I am unafraid and will stand and fight for our freedoms and values:

  • Testified against Red Flag Laws at the state Capitol alongside Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams
  • Many times commented and spoken up against attacks on our flag, our values, and our Constitution at Council and Commissioner meetings, events, radio interviews, letters to the editor, etc.
  • The only candidate that stood with parents protesting for their children and publicly supported and helped our KidsFirst candidates from Day 1
  • Douglas County GOP auctioneer
  • Douglas County GOP – serving as Precinct Leader and Delegate
  • Douglas County GOP – providing vehicles and float for parades
  • Douglas County Republican Women – auctioneer and proud  Honorary Member
  • Strive to “UNITE” our party – fundraisers for Commissioner Lora Thomas raising $20,000 to help defeat her Democrat opposition along with Commissioner George Teal, past School Board candidates, and other state-wide Republican leaders of our party.