Commander Anderson’s Endorsements

I’ve known John Anderson for nearly twenty years. Seldom does one find a more decent, thoughtful, caring person. Additionally, he is a 100% patriotic red-blooded American, and his 40 years of service in law enforcement is testimony to his community commitment. With his passion and comprehensive plans and vision for the future, I’m confident he will be a great Sheriff and a credit to Douglas County.

Bob Beauprez

Fmr. United States Congressman

I heartily support and endorse John Anderson to be the next Douglas County Sheriff. I’ve known John for over 20 years and had the privilege of working with him in his role as a Commander with the Castle Rock Police Department during my tenure as Chief of the Colorado State Patrol (2003-2009). John is a consensus builder and a leader for Douglas County to grow with. He remembers the County history while envisioning a strong future and working toward that. He is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter and Public Safety Leader who demonstrates western values and ethics. He builds strong personal and working relationships with other Law Enforcement entities as well as advocacy groups and the public. This is evidenced by the relationship he helped build and maintain with the CSP over the years. Douglas County needs a strong, conservative man of John’s caliber to protect the rights of all Douglas County residents. This is why I support John Anderson and endorse his candidacy to be the next Douglas County Sheriff.

Colonel Mark V. Trostel

Retired Chief, Colorado State Patrol 1979-2009

As the Mayor of Castle Rock, I had the privilege of developing a working relationship with John Anderson on Town business. Most significantly, defending the right of Castle Rock residents to open carry on municipal property and to insure that any future restrictions of 2nd Amendment rights would need to be voted on by the citizens of Castle Rock, not dictated by Town Council. After I termed out, my wife Jen and I became good friends with John and his wife Lisa. I have known John and Lisa for 14 years now and heartily endorse his candidacy for Douglas County Sheriff. John is a dedicated law officer, but more importantly to me, a dedicated constitutionalist. He is more concerned with protecting our God-given constitutional rights than playing politics, and for that, I have the highest regard. We need more men like John to run for political office, and he has my vote in the upcoming primaries.

Paul Donahue

Mayor, Castle Rock, CO, 2011-2016

I owned the Medved Autoplex in Castle Rock and Wheatridge, Colorado for over 20 years. The nature of my business called for inventorying tens of millions of dollars’ worth of inventory outside in an uncontrolled environment. Oftentimes it was a magnet for the wrong type of individual that sure weren’t paying customers.
I can say without hesitation that whenever I had a problem the department that John Anderson helped to command responded immediately and professionally. I had a similar operation in another community in metro Denver and the difference was day and night Castle Rock being so superior.
I mentioned my frustration to John about the lack of professionalism in the other agencies, and he said “that is just customer service – something we work at everyday “I not only endorse John for Douglas County Sheriff, I feel it would be a tremendous loss to the community if he doesn’t win!

John F. Medved

Former Owner, Medved Autoplex

John Anderson, A plus to any community! You know, with him, you are getting truth and an endeavor for Justice. John’s experience is extensive, current and meets with today’s need for a faith and family-based man. I support John Anderson for Sheriff.

Tim Dietz

Council Member, Castle Rock Town Council, District 6

When I left Washington, D.C. and closed the door to my staff position in the White House Presidential Appointments Office, I promised myself I’d never get involved with the swamp, or politics again. Ever! Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Practically a lifetime later, corruption has gotten so pervasive in our country and county, I made the decision that, if I didn’t stand up and speak up, that I’d be leaving a mess for my grandchildren to clean up. Then, when I met John Anderson, who had retired after 40 years of law enforcement and he got back into the fray, I knew I had my candidate. John is back fighting, because crime has escalated in Douglas County as well as in the entire USA. John is a Patriot, who is putting our county first. His leadership, honesty, honor, integrity and record speak for themselves. You don’t rise to the position of Commander sitting on your hands. John was the lone Douglas County officer to testify against the unconstitutional Red Flag Law. He knows how to handle a multimillion dollar budget, because he’s done it. He is a businessman, takes action and finds solutions by thinking outside of the box and being fiscally conservative. He has proven programs he will put in place to address rising crime, homelessness, and protect our schools and communities. Status quo is not in his vocabulary.

Katherine Michelsen

Former Staff, The White House

I’ve known John for over 7 years and I have always known him to STAND for something greater than himself.

I served this nation honorably for over 15 years in the SEAL Teams, over 7 years as a diplomatic Protective Officer…and I would add that, everything I do currently, I consider continued service.

The only thing that disgusts me more than the blatant lies that are being strategically presented daily…are the good folks that are knowingly or unknowingly repeating those lies.

I’m not suggesting a new way forward, I’m pleading for a return to an old way, a good way. We must make a STAND for truth.

I believe that John will continue to STAND for truth and decency in a time where our Nation‘s current trajectory is a bad one. I truly believe that the county sheriff is the most important election regarding the future of our families.

Someone must STAND to hold this ground that we call home. I boldly suggest that you first make the crucial personal decision to STAND and model something better for your family, and second, that you join me in supporting John Anderson to STAND in defense of Douglas County as our Sheriff.

Jimmy Graham

US Navy SEAL (Ret.), Fmr Protective Officer for the CIA

Speaking as a citizen who cares about law enforcement in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain States where I have spent a much of my life, I find John Anderson to be an impeccable choice for a sheriff. He is brave, thoughtful. kind and compassionate. His qualifications are remarkable and in-depth.

Michael Martin Murphey

Entertainer/Singer/Songwriter, Founder of Murphey Western Institute, and Winner of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Lifetime Achievement Award

Over my 35 years in law enforcement, I had the privilege to work with many excellent law enforcement professionals in federal, state and local agencies. For the past 20 years of working with and seeing John in action, I have found him to be a true law enforcement professional, stalwart of his community, and unwavering protector of freedom and constitutional rights.
John is a life-long resident of Douglas County and the residents are extremely lucky that John wishes to continue his long law enforcement career as sheriff. I fully endorse John for Sheriff of Douglas County.

Carl Schlaff

Special Agent (Ret.), FBI, 25-year Douglas County resident

Working with John was always a pleasure because of his vast knowledge, experience and professionalism. John is an exceptional law enforcement leader and an even better person. He will make an excellent Sheriff.

Brent Naccara

Retired Federal Agent, Corporate Security Director

John Anderson has been a role model of mine since the day I met him. A man of high character displaying the attributes of discipline, hard work, honesty, & positivity on a daily basis. A man who reveres humility, fairness, communication, & his community. I am a better man having known him.
He’s also a decent cowboy with uncanny abilities to get a UTV unstuck in sugar sand snow. Average elk scout. Raises good kittens. 😂

Joel Dreesen

Professional Football Player, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos (2005-2013)

Being a Douglas County resident for years now I have had the opportunity to get to know John Anderson. He is just the man we need to be the Sheriff of Douglas County. His strong leadership skills and honest, hard-working attitude is exactly what we need in that position. I am proud to endorse John to keep our Douglas County heritage alive and strong.

Scott Whatley

Broadcasting and Media Executive and Radio Host, KLZ 560AM Sportsman of Colorado Radio

I have known John since about 1978 while working with the District Attorney. I had the opportunity to watch the Castle Rock Police department grow from 4 officers to the department it is today. He had been integral part of building the department into one of the finest and has earned the distinction of one of the safest cities in Colorado numerous times. We need these fresh ideas and leadership in our Sheriff’s Office. No one running for this office has his strengths and determination to protect our freedoms and rights.

Bob Sexton

Former Law Enforcement Official, Colorado State Patrol Jefferson County Sheriff Office 18th Judicial District Attorney Office Attorney General Office Colorado Bureau of Investigation

As a former County Commissioner and Parker Town Councilman I have had the opportunity to work with both Police and Sheriffs officers in Douglas County.  I also come from a family of law enforcement officers.  My dad was a Deputy Chief of Police and my brother was a Chief of Police.  As for myself, I was a Provost Marshal Investigator.

Our County has an opportunity to elect a leader with character, personal integrity, and incredible law enforcement experience. 

 I fully endorse John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff. John has committed his heart and soul to keeping Douglas County family’s safe. He has devoted his life to protecting our Constitutional rights.  

It is time to fix the culture shift that has occurred at the Sheriff’s Office.  I encourage everyone to help make Douglas County a better place to live, work and play. 

Vote for John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff.

Jack Hilbert

Former Douglas County Commissioner

Thank you John Anderson. The only candidate in the race to advocate for important bills that protect our constitutional rights. When the federal government is targeting conservative advocates in school board races, bills like this are important. John shows courage while others stay silent.

Patrick Neville

Representative, Colorado House District 45

John Anderson is the only Republican in the race for Douglas County Sheriff that we can trust. Over the past 8 years, Douglas County has lived under the iron fist of Sheriff Tony Spurlock in which his office and staff vocally supported the dangerous “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Law and illegally kept the records of hundreds of Douglas County gun owners. John Anderson is not a career politician, nor is he wrapped up in DCSO scandals. John Anderson is a lawman, a firm constitutionalist, and a vigorous defender of the Second Amendment. Because of this, we are proud to endorse him in his race for Douglas County Sheriff.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners SuperPAC

This serves as my full endorsement of John Anderson for the office of Douglas County Sheriff.
As a career police officer for the City and County of Denver, having served in literally every rank from patrol officer to chief of police, I have worked with and experienced law enforcement executives of every caliber. Through my numerous conversations with John, I have been impressed with his experience, unique insight and his level of what I term administrative courage. Simply stated, John has the courage to make the right decision and not just what is popular or expedient. This quality is perhaps the most important for the success of any law enforcement executive. I am confident that John Anderson will continually bring the quality law enforcement and community involvement that the citizens of Douglas County deserve.

James R. Collier

Captain / Chief of Police (Ret.), Denver Police Department

Maintaining a relatively crime-free community continues to be the objective for our quiet city of Castle Pines — but I recognize that we are growing and becoming a larger target of opportunistic criminals. I believe John Anderson is the only candidate for Douglas County Sheriff who has an appropriate plan to address the inevitable wave of crime that is moving south from Denver. Once John is elected sheriff, I look forward to partnering with him to make our communities safer for our DougCo families.

Roger Hudson

Two-Term Councilman of Castle Pines, Senior Advisor, Republican Colorado House of Representatives

John Anderson is a Douglas County treasure. He brings to bear a deep understanding of our community with decades of experience in protecting our citizens. I have worked alongside John for many years and know him to be a solid, trustworthy advocate of individual rights with a balanced and consistent approach to managing his department. Our community has grown exponentially in recent years and it will take a thoughtful and experienced hand to ensure we maintain our identity while meeting the concerns of a rapidly growing population.
There is no one I would rather have as Douglas County Sheriff than John Anderson.

Jess Loban

Town Council Member, Castle Rock, CO

I endorse John Anderson for Sheriff. John Anderson is a constitutionalist which is something that has been sorely lacking in Douglas County and across the country from state and local governments to federal. The current Sheriff administration has attacked our 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment rights which is dangerous for our community. A recent article shows violent crime in Douglas County has increased by 21% which is growing faster than our population. Robberies, domestic violence and car theft are also on the rise. At the same time, we have not seen any increase in the amount of patrol deputies in the last 16 years. Crime is going up, yet we have less boots on the ground to appropriately handle it. John Anderson will address crime and increase the patrol deputies which will make our community safer. He will adhere to all of our constitutional rights and not violate the will of the people. He has already been serving this community in law enforcement and volunteerism for 40+ years and I feel confident he will be an outstanding Sherriff for Douglas County. I will be voting for John Anderson.

Laura Cavey

Council Member, Castle Rock Town Council, District 2

It is with due consideration and great pleasure that I endorse John Anderson for Sheriff of Douglas County. He brings executive experience and a fresh vision on how best to tackle the challenges facing the department and the safety of our community.

He has a clear plan for department-wide professional development improving the working conditions of our dedicated men and women who place themselves in harm’s way for our benefit each and every day, and is a strong defender of our Constitution.

He is a man who loves God, the Constitution, and the residents and neighbors of where we all call home and who he has served well for decades. Please join me and the hundreds who have come before us in donating to, supporting, and voting for John Anderson for Sheriff.

CJ Garbo

Chairman, Castle Rock Election Commission, Former Castle Rock Public Safety Commissioner, and Former Law Enforcement Officer

John Anderson sets the benchmark by which good men should be measured. Always a consummate professional, John embodies the characteristics of trust and integrity as well as true love and caring for our community, mandatory attributes required to be an effective sheriff – in addition to his extensive law enforcement experience. For the 30+ years I’ve known John, he has always been a role model I’ve looked up to and I strongly endorse him for Douglas County Sheriff.

Joe Lane

Private Businessman, Son of the late former Chief of Police, Tony Lane

I have known John Anderson for almost 30 years now. Ever since Bill Romanowski introduced us while I was playing for the Broncos, we have remained good friends. John is a stand up guy with a strong work ethic and impeccable character. He has the uncanny ability to identify problems, present solutions and the willpower to dive in, roll up his sleeves and fix them. These are just some of the reasons that my family and friends are endorsing John Anderson for Sheriff of Douglas County.

Ralph Tamm

Former Professional Football Player, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs (1990-1999)

I support John Anderson for Sheriff because Douglas County needs someone with his experience in that position.

Clark Hammelman

Fmr Town Council Member, Castle Rock Town Council, 2010-2012

I fully endorse John Anderson for Sheriff of Douglas County. My endorsement is based off of full understanding of what John stands for when it comes his decades of experience in law enforcement, his compassion for his community, his un-wavering belief in our constitution and what it truly stands for, his commitment in keeping our community safe and enforcing the laws that are on the books, his fairness and understanding, his love for his family, and his trust in God. John Anderson will make a great Sheriff because he is a great human being. I support him 100% and so do all of my family and friends.

Tony David

Owner, American Telecom Solutions, WildeFire Bandleader since 1994

I have known John Anderson for decades now, ever since I played for the Denver Broncos. I have realized over this time that he is the man for the job of Sheriff of Douglas County. He truly cares for the members of the community and will strive to make it stronger and safer. I strongly endorse John Anderson to be the next Sheriff of Douglas County.

Bill Romanowski

Former Linebacker for San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders (1988-2003), Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

I have been a Colorado resident for over 35 years now and have loved the tranquility and safety of our communities in this great state. I am happy to endorse John Anderson for Sheriff of Douglas County. John is the man we need to protect our neighborhoods and serve our communities for years to come.

Tim Lollar

MLB Pitcher, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox (1980-1986)

I had the honor of working with John Anderson while I was on Town Council and Mayor for the Town of Castle Rock.  John was the Go to Guy who knew the department inside and out, every function, every program, and you could count on him.  Many times he was Acting Chief when his Chief was battling illness.

When asked about becoming Chief, he declined.  He built the department from the ground up and ran the department for years.  It was time for him to do bigger things and use his unique qualities to make the County a better and safer place.

We presented John with a Proclamation for ~John Anderson Day~ the first time in history any employee was honored.  This demonstrates the respect he had from his Chief, the Town and the community for all he has done for the police department as well as personally for youth and the County.

John is an outstanding law enforcement professional and a great human being we should all strive to be like.  I fully endorse John Anderson for Sheriff and look forward to seeing the great things he will do for our County.


Randy Reed

Former Mayor, Town of Castle Rock, Army 101st Airborne Vietnam, Awarded the Bronze Star, Infantry

As Mayor, keeping my community safe is my top priority. John and I share that priority. He will be an excellent partner in the fight for safer schools, streets and communities in Douglas County. I am proud to support John Anderson for Sheriff of Douglas County. Congratulations also on your 50% vote at the Douglas County Republican Assembly! Proud of you my friend! The next Sheriff of Douglas County!!

Jeff Toberg

Mayor, Town of Parker

John Anderson is a committed and dedicated law enforcement officer
who will serve the citizens of Douglas County with dignity, respect,
and a strategic mindset. I enthusiastically endorse John
Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff.

Col. Laura Hefta, USAR (Ret.)

Licensed Attorney, Council Member, Town of Parker

I am a retired Denver Police Detective, with more than 42 years of Colorado Law Enforcement experience, which includes working as a Detective for the 18 Judicial District during the 70’s and 80’s. During this assignment I worked complex crimes, many in Douglas County.

During my career I became familiar with John Anderson, then of the Castle Rock Police Department. My brother-In-law is also a current CRPD Sergeant and has been with the PD for nearly 40 years. My nephew is currently serving as a Detective within the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. Through my job and personal relationships, I have come to know Douglas County, local law enforcement, and John Anderson. John is well-respected, and a valued colleague and friend.

John not only has the foundation of experience, retiring from Castle Rock PD through the ranks as a Commander with 40 years of service, but is also a lifelong resident of Douglas County, greatly involved in the community. John is a “common sense” Constitutional Conservative, with values of fairness and compassion that are demanded of the job. Compassion, honesty, integrity, fairness and respect are the basic qualities required to serve the community as a Sheriff, or any law enforcement officer. John’s strength is overwhelming with all of these qualities. John has genuine care and concerns for Douglas County and the Sheriff’s Department. What is sometimes forgotten and often overlooked is that law enforcement is not only tasked with to Protect and Serve, but should always and foremost ensure good will towards men. Good will towards all. John Anderson has all of these qualities that he demands of himself and others. Qualities required of leadership. Seemingly rare today.

With the leadership of John as the Sheriff of Douglas County, he will not only benefit the Department, but all residents of Douglas County will benefit. Douglas County is about to become its own Judicial District. John Anderson is perfect to fit into the task ahead, not only molding the future of the Sheriff’s Department, but Douglas County as well.

John’s experience, training, and qualifications speak for themselves. I am attempting to shed light into the heart of John. John Anderson is the perfect choice for Sheriff. In my humble opinion, the only choice.

D.R. Brannan

Retired Police Officer, Denver Police Department

I’ve known John for over a decade and have valued him as a friend, colleague, and family man. I can honestly say he’s not only put his family first but also his community. He’s been a leader and well-respected member of the community and gives his time for the better of others and the community. I strongly support, my colleague, community member, and friend for Sheriff.

Jimmy Acosta

Private Investigator

I have known John Anderson through my service on several terms on the Public Safety Commission and through my tenure on Town Council. I found him to be an extremely dedicated, able, and experienced police officer starting with his command of the SWAT team, his service as Acting Chief of Police, and while serving with him on the committee selecting the new (and current) Police Chief. I highly recommend him for Douglas County Sheriff.

Joe Procopio (Joe Pro)

US Navy (Ret.), Castle Rock Town Council and Mayor Pro Tem

John is the essence of values and honesty, and will take great care of the great people of Douglas County.

Tom Tarver

Shareholder, Greiner Electric, and Event Director, TAPS Colorado Springs Celebrity Classic

In 1997, when I came to Denver to play for the Broncos, one of the first people I met was John Anderson. We spent quality time together over the years hunting and fishing. I’ve always admired him for his service and dedication as a police commander and his commitment to the community. I’ve witnessed his strong work ethic and moral character throughout the years and I know he would be an excellent sheriff. John Anderson is someone you can trust and he won’t let you down.

Bubby Brister

VP, Corporate Development, Empire Group, Former Professional Football Player, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs (1986-2001)

I had the privilege of swearing John in when he became a police officer for the great Town of Castle Rock. From that time to today, he has kept his Oath…almost unheard of in today’s world. I support John Anderson for Sheriff.

Tim White

President and Board of Directors Member, IREA/CORE Electric Cooperative, Owner/CEO, White Construction Group

I have had the unique ability to play football for Colorado State and for the Denver Broncos. During my time here in Colorado, I have met John Anderson and immediately was able to recognize that he is an honorable man with strong character. He has over 40 years of experience protecting and serving our community in Law enforcement. He has strong family values and his care for our community is second to none. This is why I’m endorsing John Anderson as our next Sheriff of Douglas County.

Erik Pears

Former Professional Football Player, Denver Broncos, Cologne Centurions, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Omaha Nighthawks, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers (2005-2015)

After playing 22 years in Major League Baseball I have become good at judging a man’s character and work ethic. John Anderson has my support to become the Sheriff of Douglas County. Keeping our Colorado heritage alive, strong and safe.

Goose Gossage

MLB Hall of Fame Member, Chicago White Socks, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners (1972-1994)

I’ve known John for 37 years. We worked together on the Castle Police Department and I found him to be completely trustworthy, honest and caring. If he says he’ll protect you and your family, he means it. You need a person like John for your safety and your community’s safety. He’s not a politician that will make promises he won’t keep. He is a man of his word.
I wholeheartedly endorse John Anderson for your next Douglas County Sheriff.

Gary Kudray

Former Castle Rock Police Officer, Field Operations, NSA

I am supporting John Anderson for Sheriff.

He will bring with him 40 years of law enforcement experience leading the Sheriff’s Dept forward in these tumultuous times facing police. He will not entertain policies that would de-fund,un-fund or re- imagine the Sheriff’s Dept.

John is a cops cop-he would make sure the men and women serving under him will have what they need to keep our County safe. Old school policies have always worked- in the words of Navy Seal Jimmy Graham- you do it the old way- the good way- the right way!

We need a Sheriff we can trust that will fight against the unconstitutional Red Flag Laws. As a retired Denver Police Officer, my full support is behind John.

Debbie Clair

Denver Police (retired)

John Anderson has earned my respect as a Peace Officer, a Leader of Police and Constitutional Conservative. He is a leader who doesn’t shirk responsibility in order to conform to political fads. John Anderson is the leader the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department needs, and a servant leader We The People can trust and rely on to protect our liberties, as well as our communities. John has my full and enthusiastic endorsement.

George Teal

Commissioner, Douglas County District II